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This section is for me to share news, updates, and opinions involving anything book-related.

October 14, 2012

What a strange, wondrous, and unique community the book world is. In a time when everything is about instant gratification and receiving what you want when you want it, there is a certain strength and patience that is required for reading and completing a book. There are things that only other book lovers will understand about your personality: your secret longing for the fictional characters you read about to be real, the breathless feeling you get after finishing a really good book, the un-self-conscious way you laugh or cry in public when a book is well-written and emotional…These thing unite us and create a feeling of brother- and sisterhood, linking book lovers in a chain that circles the globe, unbroken.

The book blogging community, which I only recently joined, despite having been blogging for over two years, is one of the most interesting online phenomena I have encountered. Especially fascinating to me because I am a book lover, I am amazed at the love and support shown by one book blogger to another. For instance, I recently read a blog posted by a fellow book blogger about a death in her family involving tragic circumstances–ones which raise a lot of questions and weigh the grieving down with additional unanswerable questions. As I read this short blurb about this event, which provided few details, I was struck through the heart for this woman. In her comments I saw that other bloggers were affected the same way, and I could not help but be impressed by and proud of the support that this (mostly) sorority of bloggers shows for one another.

I am blessed and honored to be a part of the book blogging community. I am proud to be a voracious reader. I think that books speak to us on a very deep level about the nature of humanity, and I feel more intelligent and connected to my own heart and soul because of the reading I have done my whole life. Keep reading, book nerds, and wear the title as a badge of honor! You are beautiful, compassionate, united, and more.


United in book love with Elizabeth Bennet. Don’t you feel special?

September 14, 2012

I recently discovered a new bookstore in Austin. It is called Blue Awning Books and it is located on Burnet Road, near Koenig.  It is a small little store selling used books, and carries mostly non-fiction. I was really enthralled by the British Literature section. Most of the time non-fiction does not interest me, but since I was an English major with a particular fondness for Brit Lit, I managed to find something to purchase. Actually, there were several books I thought it would be useful to have, but I couldn’t afford to buy more than one. When I have a little more money I’ll go back.  Anyway, the little man who runs it was very sweet, but it sounds like they need a little help.  So if you’re in the area and you need some non-fiction, whether that’s your preference, or for school, etc. please stop by and support a local indie book store!

Blue Awning Books

6009 Burnet Road  Austin, TX 78757 (512) 275-6430

2 thoughts on “Bookish Opinions

  1. You are just up the road from me, kinda. I’m in Burnet. Glad to see another Texas book lover! Have a great week! I’m following back.
    Jeannette @ Walking on Bookshelves

    1. That is so cool! Maybe we should meet up some time to discuss books and blogging!

      Are you planning to attend the book festival in October?