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Here’s a place for me to post fun books links.  Most of these have been posted on my Facebook wall by people who know how much I love books.  I’ll repost them here so you can share in the fun!

***June 11, 2012. A perfume that smells like the pages of a book. WANT.

***June 11, 2012. This is a cool list! What do you think? Would you add to it?

***March 19, 2012. I want one of these! Such a cool idea!

***January 10, 2012. Here is an absolutely amazing video that captures just how beautiful and magical a bookstore (especially an independent one) can be!

***January 10, 2012. This is a great social site for book lovers!

***December 17, 2011. Here’s a recent one for the holidays. What a cool Christmas tree!

***November 15, 2011. Interesting article about a new independent bookstore.

***November 15, 2011. HUNGER GAMES TRAILER. Read the books and then see the movie! March 23, 2012.

***November 2, 2011. Excellent compilation of photos from home libraries around the world. Love these ideas!

***October 27, 2011. New Miyazaki movie based on the children’s novel The Borrowers.

***October 1, 2011. Cool blog someone saw. More book storage ideas.

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