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Matched by Allie Condie is an interesting story that I enjoyed reading, but it is by no means creative. In fact, it seems to be almost a carbon copy of The Giver, just updated for the 21st century. The technology is definitely more advanced, and there is the added detail of the romance, rather than a relationship between an old man and a young boy. But the similarities are too many for this to be considered a unique novel.

Cassia is a teenage girl living in The Society in a time not given to the reader. The novel opens with her Matching Banquet–the night on which she will discover who The Society had decided is her perfect marriage partner. Cassia’s situation is unique in that her Match is someone she knows; it is her beat friend Xander. But that night when she is alone, another face appears on her screen as her perfect match–the handsome and quietly mysterious Ky. After this revelation, Cassia must decide if she will follow the will of The Society or break all the rules and attempt to be with a person who is not considered her match.

Aside from the romance and Cassia’s struggle to decide who her man should be, the book is basically The Giver. There is a government that decides who owns what, who marries whom, how many children one may have, etc. each house is identical. Clothes are identical. There are “ports” in each house which resemble the screens in 1984, and they are a way for the government to monitor people and communicate with them.

Cassia has always believed that the government makes no mistakes and knows exactly what is best for everyone. When she sees the mistake made in her Match he begins to doubt their wisdom and her perfect world begins to crack. Unfortunately, Cassie is not a very well written character and the reader struggles to empathize with her dilemma. I wish I’d been able to like her more, but she just wasn’t deep or fascinating enough to make me care.

Despite its lack of creativity, it was an enjoyable, fast-paced read. Despite it being a romance, I didn’t want to kill anyone like I did when I read Twilight. As flat as she was, at least
Cassia was willing to fight for what she wanted.

In summary, not the most brilliant novel I’ve read, but I liked it enough to finish the series.

3 thoughts on “12.6–Matched

  1. Totally agree with you on: “As flat as she was, at least
    Cassia was willing to fight for what she wanted.” I’ve seen a lot of praise for this novel, so I had been curious if anyone else had a similar opinion to mine. I enjoyed it enough, and like I do with many books I really got caught up in it towards the end, enough that my curiosity was peaked where I’m pretty sure I wanted to read Crossed, and the third one as well (but I haven’t yet.)

    1. I actually really am anxious to read the next one. I’m in Ireland right now and I have been seeing it everywhere and am tempted to buy it, but I don’t own the first so I’m forced to resist! If you read it first, let me know how it is.

      1. Totally know what you mean, about not wanting to buy it since you don’t own the first. Somehow I’ve gotten myself in a mess of reading several books at one time right now, but if I make my way to it I’ll let you know :) enjoy Ireland!!!

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