A TRAVEL POST! Because Three Months Is Too Long

A TRAVEL POST! Because Three Months Is Too Long

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Once upon a time, I wrote this really sad blog about all the reasons I wasn’t going back to Peru. I do not regret that decision at all though I do wish I’d been smarter about how I packed to come home (I am STILL trying to get my suitcase home from Peru three months later). I told you guys that would not be the end to my adventures, and it definitely wasn’t. So what’s next?

Turns out that a really cool former manager of mine–the one that hired me at BookPeople–moved out to west Texas (specifically Alpine, Texas) with her husband, and was a manager at a little place called Antelope Lodge. She’s since moved on, but she got me in to cover reception while their regular employee (also someone from BookPeople!) is away for a writing residency in the northeast. I will be staying at the lodge and working for them part-time, utilizing the down time to explore the area.

Alpine is a great little town, judging from the day I spent there on vacation a few years ago. It’s near Marfa, which I love, near Fort Davis, near McDonald Observatory, and near Big Bend (keeping in mind this is the Texas version of “near”). It is at a higher elevation than I’m used to living, though nowhere near as high as I was when I lived in Peru. It’s also a desert, so it’s warm during the day, depending on the season, and really cold at night. The town’s population is only a few thousand people, so it’s much different from anywhere I’ve ever lived before. Needless to say, I’m totally excited to explore the area, both the little town and the surrounding nature.

I’m not sure when I’ll be back, as I’ve heard different estimates about how long the job will last. Could be a month, could be three, or I could stay there forever, because who knows? I may just love it to bits.

Stay tuned for pictures, because there will be a lot of them. Moving day is Sunday, February 28th, so check back here for first impressions!


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