13.10–The Screwtape Letters

13.10–The Screwtape Letters

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I don’t have much to say on this book.  It’s enough of a classic, and C. S. Lewis enough of an established author, that anything I say will have very little influence on whether or not people read this book.  It is not a book intended for enjoyment, I believe.  He wrote it in an engaging style to make it more interesting, but it is still a book for people seeking spiritual nourishment than for people who want a good romp between the covers (get it?).

In case you aren’t aware, The Screwtape Letters is a book written as a series of letter from an Uncle Screwtape to his nephew Wormwood.  These are not people, however, discussing life on earth.  They are demons.  Wormwood is a rookie tempter assigned to his first “patient” (or target, if you will), and Screwtape is writing him letters in order to coach him on how to not lose his patient to “The Enemy,” or God.  Wormwood is quite the screw-up, and Screwtape has to constantly berate him on his failures.

In each letter, Screwtape instructs Wormwood on how to trip Christians up, how to get them to fool themselves into certain ways of thinking, or into justifying certain behavior.  He addresses thoughts that are common to the Christian, or at least to me.  It’s interesting how well he seems to get inside the reader’s head.  There were many times I found myself thinking, Oh crap, I’ve thought that before.  It’s an unsettling book, for sure.

Like I said, no need for a long post. The people who are going to read it will read it. The people who aren’t, won’t.  I’m not sure if I enjoyed it.  If I didn’t, I couldn’t say if it’s because I truly didn’t like it for its face value (ie lack of plot, writing style, structure, etc.) or if I didn’t like the mirror it held up to my life.

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